As with most things, learning something with your teacher one-to-one rather than in a group is the best learning method. Tuition in person is ideal for more complicated tasks or if you want to cover a lot of topics in a short space of time. This can take place in the shop after hours or at your home or workplace.

Perhaps you want to learn if you can speed up a procedure you do frequently, or learn how to use your computer for editing photos or video. Unleash the power of your PC!

One-to-one Programming/Software Development

Aimed primarily at high school students who wish to learn programming before going to college or university, or perhaps just because they want to try something new, we offer a special one-to-one tuition programme that will take you from absolute beginner to competent programmer. The owner of Colliedog Computers has a HND in Computer Games Programming from The University of Teesside and is happy to share his knowledge and teach you, if his student is willing to learn! First session is free for enthusiastic students. Why not give it a try?